It’s now been 6 years since the debut of Chromebook and Chrome OS.  It was cheap and was basically just a device for running Chrome, the internet browser.  Unless you lived exclusively in Google’s ecosystem and was on a budget, this wasn’t for you.

Fast forward to today and we see Chromebooks everywhere and manufactured by over a dozen brand names.  Cheap isn’t the only price point.  There are mid range and premium models as well.  Chromebooks have also flooded into the education sector.  Which makes perfect sense since they are less costly to buy and less costly to maintain.

Chrome OS, as an operating system, has steadily evolved and has become more and more functional as an operating system.  The last notable change was the demise of chrome apps and the addition of Android apps.  Basically Chrome OS is blurring the line between Chromebooks and Android devices.  Office productivity is no longer an issue now that Microsoft has added the full suite of Office Apps.

My list of  most purchase worthy Chromebooks for the 2017 are:  Asus C101, Acer R11, Samsung Chromebook Plus & Pro, Asus C302 and the Google Pixelbook.

This holiday season, the Chromebook is arguably the best computing device to buy if you want to maximize your spending dollar!

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